Friday, February 28, 2014


Thorough some act of cyber-linkage you’ve landed on my blog Lemondrop on the Loose. 

A little background….

Lemondrop initially came to life on another platform in June 2012 as a way for friends to
follow my adventures while I traveled through Alaska with my family. The name came
from my husband, who frequently calls me Lemondrop because I’m sweet on the
outside, but sour on the inside. Or so, after 20+ years of marriage, he claims.
By inference…. I believe he is also claiming he has been a victim of the sour.
Just a guess.

Although I truly enjoyed the initial blog, the posts weren’t timely because the Wi-Fi was
nonexistent in all the breathtaking-yet-remote places we traveled. So, blogging
landed on my to-do list and, now…hopefully on your to-read list!