Monday, November 3, 2014

Sunday Night Anxiety....Monday Morning Victory

I read somewhere that it’s not uncommon for children to get anxiety on Sunday evenings; Monday morning looms with the daunting thought of school, tests and the kid-sized daily grind.  I used to be that child, not sleeping, fretting over a spelling test and later Algebra and lunchroom dynamics…"but who will I sit with?” I frequently woke up with a vague ache—stomach, head or famously as my father recounts…”pain that shot from one shin to the other.” I felt sure these maladies prohibited me from going to school.

Now I’m the parent of that anxious Sunday night kid. A weekend can’t end without a coughing fit, sick tummy or certainty that the flu looms in the night. My mantra has become, “You’ll be fine.” To my parents….I’m sorry. Mia culpa. It sucks.  So once again I’m again not sleeping on Sunday nights.

My insomnia comes in the form of early waking. 5 a.m. finds me wide eyed and wondering if my 8th grader will get up and “carpe diem” or present an Oscar-worthy performance of “Wyatt Ails.” I’ve decided I’ll use my tossing and turning time to think about what I’ll do with the day. First, of course, I develop my strategy for waking my son. Coffee for me first, clothes laid out and then a cheery “rise in shine” delivered by our puppy (who could resist that?) with the promise of a yummy breakfast. Second, I make a to-do list of the obvious: laundry, dishes, and a dry cleaning run. Last, I indulge in thinking of something fun I’ll get to do because I’m up-and-at-‘em extra early. Today, that will be writing and SMASH-booking.

Today, no resistance! Hurray for a small victory!

I hope your week starts with a win for you. Remember…stay sweet.