Monday, March 3, 2014

Festive Casual Follow Up

As promised, here's some follow up on the Festive Casual Mardi Gras party that send me into a fashion quandary on Saturday. People's interpretation spanned the sartorial spectrum. I saw….
-Men in jeans with sweaters and on blazers
-Men in jackets and ties
-Women in (almost) head-to-toe sequins.
-Skinny girls in skinny pants and fun, funky shirts and….
A LOT of BLACK…. Black remains the answer when you don't understand the fashion question.

Oh, my husband and our friend Rich (L) found this little lady…

Never having been to either New Orleans or an "official" Mardi Gras celebration,
 I took this in stride.

Here's what some of the mere mortals turned out in….
Note…a lot of black and a lot more breast-covering material than the girl above.

Anyway, if your physique would allow you to hire yourself out as a gold-painted Mardi Gras girl, rock on! One request….please don't stand next to me!

Bye for now….and stay sweet!

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